Useful links

Teaching sociology is a hard task for one individual. Check out some of the fantastic sources of help, advice and resources for sociology teachers. To visit the websites, click on the pictures below.

Tutor2U Sociology:– hundreds of free videos, interactive quizzes, study notes and free downloads available to those who sign up for a free account. Also provide CPD courses and student workshops

Revise Sociology: A complete revision website for a range of topic areas. Lots of informative blogs and regularly updated. Has information of some of less popular topics as well as revision resources for students.

The Teacher Sociology You Tube: Really useful insights into how to answer AQA Sociology questions. Popular with teachers and students and covers a range of A level content.

Earlham Sociology and Politics: Quite extensive collection of content that covers lots of different topic areas in both sociology and government and politics for a range of courses. Lots of links to external sites and information that goes beyond many specifications to stretch more capable students.

allsociology: Short videos covering key terms and concepts across GCSE sociology. Some brilliant visuals and student take-overs on their Instagram page too.

Tutor2u AQA A level Sociology Facebook page: Really use form for discussing all things sociology. Have a strong community of teachers willing to assist. Lots of resources uploaded to their files section (visible only by laptop) – if you aren’t a member scan the QR code above – access to group dependent upon admin and moderator rules.

Discover Sociology: British Sociological Association run website that provides some useful videos and resources to teachers of sociology. Particularly relevant are the short interview with current sociological researchers discussing their work.

The Sociology Show: Podcast by Matthew Wilkin where he interviews sociologists about their research. An amazing who’s who of sociology have been guests discussing a wide range of topics. Link takes you to Spreaker, but available wherever you get your podcasts from.

Sound Sociology: Podcast largely aimed at students who are interested in sociology, but explains key terms, concepts, perspectives and social issues well. Link takes you to anchor, but available from other podcast platforms.

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