Explaining Contemporary Issues

Sociology has often been criticised for being the study of ‘dead white men’, yet it is uniquely placed amongst the social sciences to offer an empathetic understanding of contemporary society. With society becoming more and more divided in the 21st century, the study of sociology offers the broadest range of explanations as to the behaviours of individuals and groups.

In contemporary society, discussion between different groups are often presented as black or white with little explanation. For example, Brexiteers or Remainers, Gammons or Snowflakes, Coleen Rooney or Rebekah Vardy. Many sociologists would suggest that individuals cannot be simply placed onto sides of a debate. They would suggest that we have free will and make choices when presented with information.

Often there is little critical thought behind these arguments that allows people to make up their own minds. What these series of articles, podcasts and videos look to do is to examine, in an objective way the different opinions on issues so that people can make informed decisions. These articles are not meant to be biased, but merely to allow people to understand the meanings and motivations behind peoples actions.

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