How to contribute

Contributing to #sociologymatters is easy. All you need is an idea and the passion to put that idea into words. The purpose of #sociologymatters is to gain as broad a range of people involved in sociology to communicate their passion to prospective students and existing students who see sociology as a career.

The submission criteria are as follows:

  • Blogs, articles, commentaries, book reviews, prose or poetry of between 500 to 100 words
  • Videos and podcasts 10 -15 mins in length
  • Posters, graphics – submitted in Jpeg format for display or PDF format for download.

There are a number of ways to submit:

  1.  If you have a Word Press account (these are free to obtain) complete the contact form below with your Word Press display name and I will add you as a contributor. This way the author gets ownership of the article and it will allow people who view the site to click on your profile. This also means that you will be able to use the site to write, edit and publish your draft. Once published, it will appear in the main blog feed and be categorised accordingly.
  2.  Via email. In the first instance email your proposed idea to Subject to approval, when the draft is completed, it will be edited and uploaded to the appropriate pages. The format that should be used is MS Word, which will be then uploaded as a PDF for people to download.
  3.  Videos and podcasts can be linked from external sites. This ensures that any traffic from #SociologyMatters will link back to your own site. I can host videos and podcasts exclusively on my site, but one of the purposes of this project is to show the broad range of Sociology content out there. If you are considering doing a short video or podcast, please email in the first instance.
  4. You could fill out the contact form below with a short proposal of your contribution.

    The website will launch publicly on the 15th November and all contributions will be programmed to be realised at timed intervals, including twitter handles of contributors and the hashtag #sociologymatters from 15th – 21st November. Contributions need to be with me by 8th November for approval, indexing and programming into tweets. Contributions received after that date will be included at a later date than the launch. Further contributions will be added at regular intervals. There is no closing date for submissions after those included in the #sociologymatters promotional week