Beyond the Specification

#SociologyMatters does not only cater to those that have little or no sociological knowledge. One of the purposes of the project is to highlight areas of research that are being undertaken in contemporary society by sociologists in order to make the subject as contemporary as possible and demonstrate to students considering a career in the social sciences some of the issues they could research in future. These articles are labelled ‘Beyond the Specification’ and whilst some of the content may be rooted in concepts or ideas that existing sociology students are familiar with, they will also stretch the reader’s knowledge into areas that may not have been covered within the confines of an A level or GCSE specification.

Examples of such articles may be:

Education: Homophobia in Schools, How schools address increasing Trans population, How self esteem is affected by marketisation, how globalisation is impacting on university life, the impact of increased tuition fees on student experience

Crime: How can Brexit explain the increase in hate crime, reporting of domestic violence between same-sex couples, the use of new technology in crime, growth of personal surveillance, controls on freedom in a post 9/11 era, the role of education in counter-terrorism

Personal Lives: Relationships in the 21st century extending personal life perspective,

‘Beyond the Specification’ contributions will be organised under each different topic heading as ‘Beyond the Specification’ and can be searched for using the search icon on the site as each article will be tagged ‘Beyond the Specification’.